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elevenrose scarf

elevenrose scarf

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 〜elevenrose scarf〜

The motif of the pattern is "eleven roses," symbolizing the flower language of "deepest love."

The eleven rose collection, with its changing expressions based on how it's folded, exudes an elegant and gentle impression tailored to the individual.

With a user-friendly size, it can be worn around the neck, used for hair styling, incorporated into bags, and adds a touch of elegance to one's lifestyle.

Utilizing the smooth texture of Cupra material, which boasts beautiful color and a slight sheen, as well as a flowing sensation, it provides a pleasant touch that makes you want to keep touching it.

<Product Information>
Size: 75cm x 75cm
Country of Origin: Japan
Material: 100% Cupra
Features: Motif of eleven roses with changing expressions based on folding
Category: Scarf
Gender: Unisex
Shipping Period: Ships sequentially from the next business day of the order date Shipping Fee: $5 (flat rate nationwide)
<Usage Precautions>
- Gently hand wash in water below 30 degrees Celsius with neutral detergent. Avoid rubbing.
- Place in a net during spin drying and spin for about 10 seconds.
- Use fabric softener for a better finish.
- As Cupra is delicate and sensitive to friction and water, try to complete washing in a short time.
- Dry in a well-ventilated area in the shade.
- When ironing, use a cloth on top and iron at a low to medium temperature.
- If there are wrinkles, carefully stretch them out with a steam iron.
- Regularly use a damp towel to remove sweat stains and the like.

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