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Quintet Rose Scarf

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〜Quintet Rose Collection〜

The language of the five roses is "the greatest joy of meeting you"

Such thoughts A piece that expresses and makes a casual day a special day

Modern A "Japanese x Modern" design that captures one of the Japanese virtues
Wa-gara is a wickerwork pattern that protects against invisible fears and epidemics by wearing it
On the other hand, for the modern pattern, each paisley is carefully hand-drawn to create a "Japanese x modern" design. harmonize the whole of

By wrapping it around your neck, using it for hair arrangement, matching it with your bag, or sometimes using it as an alternative to a necktie or pocket square, you can make your lifestyle a little richer and more fashionable. color

Natural materials Because it uses cupra, it is an accessory that even people with sensitive skin can wear directly

Natural Modern 3color development
The scarf itself Rather, I want the person who wears it to be the leading role.
Navy, brown and black.
These soothing colors It's the ideal color to create an effortlessly stylish look, and has the power to brighten up those who wear it, young and old alike.

Rose B rown
Warm and subdued colors give a soft impression Brown.
Natural, friendly and coordinated Recommended as one point.

R< /span>ose Navy
Navy is loved around the world for its cleanliness, intelligence, and sophisticated atmosphere.
Both formal and casual scenes color that connects

Rose Black
Black exudes sophistication and elegance.
Chic tightening the impression of the outfit At the same time, the delicate gray pattern expresses a sense of luxury.
As a focal point for all-black outfits It gives a mature impression at once without making you feel plain.

Size: 100cm x 6cm
Country of origin: Japan
Material: 94% cupra, 6% silk
Features: Twilly long narrow scarf. Reversible and wearable
Category: Scarf
Gender type: Unisex
Delivery time: Usually ships sequentially from the next business day after the order is placed
Shipping fee: 500 yen (uniform nationwide)


◆ Wash gently with water below 30 degrees with neutral detergent dissolved. Please press wash.
◆When dehydrating, put it in a net and dehydrate for about 10 seconds.
◆Use fabric softener for a better finish.
Since cupra is a delicate material that is vulnerable to friction and water, it should be washed as much as possible. Please try to finish it in a short time.
◆Please dry in the shade in a well-ventilated place.
Please use a low to medium temperature iron with a pressing cloth. .
Use a steam iron to carefully smooth out wrinkled areas.
Please remove sweat stains frequently with a wet towel. .

*Items sent from our store should be carefully packed to prevent wrinkles. However, depending on the characteristics of the material, the number of garments, and the transportation situation, creases may occur. Please order after understanding and acknowledging.