Sustainable Scarf

I believe in using the power of fashion to bring a sense of gentle,
blooming roses to you.

Through scarves,
we connect people, civilizations, and the Earth,
aiming to protect and sustain a world filled with love.

Just like a single encounter,
I believe this will continue to shine in your memories,
spreading circles of smiles across the world,
connecting hearts and the planet.

Background story

  • A scarf passed down from my grandmother.

    A single scarf inherited from my grandmother carries a magical power.

    Through generation, this scarf has been passed down, imbued the stories and souls of its owners,making it a truly special fashion item with unique essence.

    Even Aya, the founder of ROSEFFY, faced the disappointment of giving up a long-cherished dream during the challenging year of 2021, but receiving her grandmother’s cherished scarf infused her with new hope.

    Through these scarves, we aim to foster warm connections between people and create meaningful encounters.

  • Issues in the fashion industry

    The fashion industry is facing significant challenges. It has been identified as the second-largest contributor to environmental pollution globally. 

    The issues stem from mass production, consumption, and disposal, leading to not only environmental degradation but also various social problems, including labor issues.

    Recognizing this problem, we believe it is essential to raise awareness about a fashion industry that benefits creators, wearers, and the planet alike. 

    We aim to advocate for a fashion world where each individual expresses  their values through their choices and contributions to a sustainable, stylish, and colorful future.

    My vision is a world where fashion becomes a natural expression of our commitment to making a positive impact on people and the environment. Together, I strive for a future where happiness, sustainability, and fashion coexist harmoniously.

Cupra, a Regenerated Fiber

Derived from the fine hairs around cotton seeds, known as cotton linters, Cupro is created by refining and dissolving the unused lint portion through proprietary techniques, transforming it into pure regenerated fiber.

  • ■Low Environmental Impact

    As a naturally derived material born from and returning to nature, Cupro exhibits biodegradability, decomposing through natural processes even after disposal. After use, it returns to the earth.

  • ■Cool in Summer, Warm in Winter

    Cupro swiftly releases heat from the skin's surface, ensuring a cool sensation in summer. During winter, it absorbs moisture from the air, converting it into heat energy to provide warmth.

  • ■Gentle to the Touch

    Cupro efficiently absorbs and releases moisture, allowing the skin to breathe and preventing stickiness. Its fine and supple fibers provide a soft touch and comfortable feel.